W i D a t a


Our Technology Chain for Smart Cities

Data Science

Extraction of In-depth and Detailed Knowledge from Data in Realtime.

Internet of Things

Solutions implementation based on globally connected sensor networks interacting with the surrounding environment.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence solutions development and testing for improving production and decision-making processes.

BI Implementation

Customers' business improvement by making the most of data. Executive Dashboards development, easy to use and intuitive, for corporates or public administrations' KPIs interpretation.


Providing innovative solutions for Smart Cities

WiData aims to help companies and public administrations to orient themselves in the world of the 4th industrial revolution. WiData wants to drive the creation of value through data, accelerating the digital transformation.

  • Transports and Mobility
  • Energy
  • Enviroment
  • Citizens Services


Improve citizens' life quality

Data today creates new opportunities for public administrations, companies and individual citizens. WiData offers the support you need with innovative solutions with high technological value, simplifies complex processes, creates new business models. For everyone, everywhere, now!


In WiData every choice is guided by precise corporate values.

All collaborators always have a decisive role, we firmly believe in sharing company principles.

  • Customer Centrality.
  • Quality and Innovation.
  • Team Spirit.
  • Lifelong Learning.
  • Sustainability and Responsibility.
  • Our Mission

  • Our Vison

  • Core Values

Our process

Data-driven Approach


Problem Identification

Accurate study of the application domain and of all the interest indicators.


Data Collection

Implementation of IoT solutions to ensure the best reading of the reference scenario.


Data Processing

Usage of cloud and distributed computing solutions to extrapolate information content from the data as soon as possible.

Domain skills acquired


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