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PMA Solution

Discover how crowds make use of anthropic space transparently and anonymously.

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The People Mobility Analytics (PMA) solution leverages observation of the radio fingerprint emitted by personal digital devices like smartphones. Through that digital trace, it is possible to understand how people move, what attracts their attention and how they interact with the surrounding environment.

For this reason, WiData has developed a device that acquires the signal which is then processed in the cloud to make some metrics and indicators available. Some of these are affluence, crowdedness, time of returns or permanence for monitored areas. This information is quite interesting for public administrations and corporations which want to better understand how people move in urban areas.

Service Description

PMA is an integrated digital system for collecting, analyzing and displaying data, even in real-time, offering an overview of people numbers and movement in different contexts. Specifically, it allows monitoring the people flow within the station's coverage perimeter installed in the area of interest. The system is based on anonymously monitoring the traffic generated by the peoples' devices equipped with WiFi and Bluetooth interfaces, e.g. smartphones and smartwatches.

The raw data, collected by specific IoT sensors developed by WiData, are analyzed using information extraction algorithms. Subsequently, the results are presented to the user by means of a web interface after authentication. The following statistics are made available to the user:


Public transports

Possibility of accurately highlighting the characteristics of the movements in terms of absolute number, length and travel time, systematicity, origin and destination matrices.


Anthropic spaces

Different metrics to measure the evolution of crowding over time using line graphs for various time windows, population density over time with visualization via animated heatmap, number of people divided by the time spent in a certain area.

A strong differentiator is short-term usage campaigns solution, such as counting and monitoring attendance at a fair or event. The second element of differentiation is that our solutions follow the privacy by design principle, which means that all information is anonymized during the acquisition phase, onboard the device.

Application domains

The PMA solution is highly versatile and easily lends itself to the application domains of Mobility, Marketing, Public Administration and Environmental Monitoring.



Public Administration